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May 20, 2016




What Homeowners Can Do to Maintain Their Roofs

To prevent leaks and aging, you must maintain and inspect your roof for damage and weakness. All the thing your roof withstands—rain, snow, fail, wind and more—contributes to weathering. After decades, roofs need replacing because of it. How you look after your roof can determine which repairs happen between replacements. To keep your costs low and maximize the life of your roof, perform the following tasks seasonally.

Clear the Roof

In the fall, your roof can collect branches, leaves and other debris from nearby trees. Once winter hits, such things get buried under the snow. Not only does this add weight to your roof, but it can puncture and wear down the shingles. To avoid such problems, clear your roof and its gutters. As well, you should watch for overgrowth and decay in the greenery nearby.

Remove Moss and Mold

Fungal growth can penetrate your shingles and reduce their lifespan. Identifying it early is paramount before it jeopardizes the health of your roof. When found, use a moss cleaner to spray and brush away the affected areas. As well, install strips to control fungal growth. For both projects, you might need to hire a contractor.

Check the Attic Interior

Watch your attic’s ceiling for stains and swelling. If present, your roof is likely leaking. When untreated, water damage can cost thousands! Yet the fix is often a few simple single replacements—nothing too invasive.

Inspect the Roof for Loose or Missing Materials

Deterioration comes in many forms: peeling, curling, lifting, warping and more. If your shingles or flashing looks off, you need to call a professional to assess the situation. Other signs of danger include loose or missing nails and bolts as well as rust on the metal flashing.