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January 10, 2018


Choosing a Roofing Contractor


What Information Should a Homeowner See in a Roofing Quote?

If you’re interested in having roofing work completed by a contractor, a contract is essential! Ensuring a formal agreement is written up, prior to work commencing, is important to protect you as a homeowner.

Why is a Formal Quote/Agreement so Important?

  • Avoids additional service charges: all the agreed-upon services are clearly laid out, so the contractor can ensure all the client’s needs are met without performing additional services.
  •  Outlines all materials to be used throughout the project and their associated cost: This prevents you from being charged a different price for the materials or the use of materials other than what you outlined.
  • Covers the Project Overrunning: Should the project go longer than expected, an agreed-upon price prevents the cost of the project from increasing with the extended duration.

The goal of a contract is to lay out all terms of the project, to provide complete clarity to both the contractor and the homeowner. This helps avert potential disputes that can ruin good work relationships and avoid unforeseen expenses throughout the project.

What Information Should Be Included in the Agreement?

  • Complete contact information–compane name, phone number, email, physical address/ location
  • Project scope–E.g. shingle replacement, entire roof replacement, etc.
  • Expected duration of the project–Estimated start and completion date.
  • Confirmation of valid workplace insurance and general liability insurance.
  • Terms–timing of all payments (deposits, final) and accepted methods of payment.
  • Itemization of all materials–styles, quantities, colours, brands, product codes.
  • Itemization of all costs–materials, installation and other labour, applicable taxes.

Above, are many of the key details that should be present in a written agreement between a contractor and homeowner. Although this list is extensive, additional details can be added, depending on the nature of the project. For example, a full roof replacement may require obtaining a permit. This should be included in the contract and who’s responsible for getting it.

A Turnbull Roofing, we take pride in keeping our clients informed with all the necessary information throughout every phase of the project. This enables both parties to have a positive experience and hopefully creates a relationship that allows us to meet your roofing needs down the road!