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August 16, 2017


Roof Components


What Is Tile Roofing All About?

Tile roofing can be traced back centuries and is one of the oldest roofing options still being used today. Tile roofs have been most popular in warmer climates like Florida; however, they are growing in popularity in harsher climates like what is experienced in Canada as well. Tile roofs are made from three different materials–slate, clay or concrete. If you are considering tile for your roof, here’s what you should know.

Durable: Tile roofs are very tough and can be effective in both warm and cold climates. Slate, clay or concrete roofs can deal with snow, ice, hail and strong winds without issue. In colder climates, ensure you go with a product that is meant to handle the freeze-thaw cycles of colder climates.

Insulation: Tile roofing can also successfully insulate your roof. The spacing between the roofing tiles allows for good circulation throughout your home’s attic. This helps keep air conditioning costs down in the summer and prevents ice dams from forming throughout the winter months.

Variety of Selection: Tiles are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes so roofs can be customized to the personal style and needs of the homeowner.

What to Consider Before Choosing Roofing Tiles

Despite the many benefits of tile roofs, this roofing option also poses challenges. Tile roofing places more weight on your roof opposed to lighter roofing options such as asphalt shingles. In the case of most well-built homes, little to no bracing is required to prepare your roof for handling the extra weight of the roof. If your home is older or not in the best shape your roof may need structural reinforcement to handle the heavier roofing material. To determine whether this is necessary, there would be the cost of a roof inspector and potentially the cost of having your roof reinforced should the inspector deem it necessary.

Also, DIY repairs are not recommended with tile roofs. Tiles require more care to avoid damage. Walking or standing on roof tiles can cause them to crack. It’s best to bring in a qualified roof professional to administer any repairs, opposed to tackling the issue yourself.