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October 25, 2017


Roof Inspection


What to Consider When Buying a House

As a potential buyer, one of your biggest deal breakers should be the roof. A roof in good condition can last for over 30 years; however, a roof in poor shape can mean costly repairs and potentially even require a complete replacement. So, prior to purchasing a new home, make sure you address the following areas.


Before purchasing a home, do a thorough inspection of the drainage system. This will expose any leaks and ensure that rainwater is properly draining away from the house. Water collecting around your house’s foundation can cause structural cracks and lead to the infiltration of water through the foundation.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a roofing issue that is often caused by poor roof ventilation. A poorly constructed roof may be susceptible to dry rot in the future or already be suffering from its effects. Dry rot compromises a roof’s wood structure, causing it to become brittle and break down.

Home Inspection

In some cases, homeowners have a professional come in and perform a roof inspection prior to listing their house. If this is the case, ask to review it yourself so you can get a clear understanding of the roof’s current condition.

Not only does a thorough examination give you invaluable intel regarding the current condition of the roof, but it also gives you a potential point of negotiation. If the current owner has not properly maintained the roof, this leaves you room to secure a better deal for the house, considering the repairs that will have to be done on the roof.

How Do I Properly Examine a Roof?

Certain issues, such as missing shingles, can potentially be spotted from the ground; however, a proper roof inspection will require a person to be up on the roof, which is why roof inspections should be carried out by a licensed roofing professional.