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June 10, 2016




When Should You Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection?

The Canadian climate forces our roofs to endure bouts of extreme weather. As our seasons change so do the roofing conditions, which can cause premature deterioration. This is why regular inspection is a good idea to catch early signs of damage and correct them.

Several studies demonstrate that roofs not properly maintained last half as long as they should. According to the US National Association of Home Builders, said maintenance includes professional inspections every three years. In Canada, scheduling inspections more frequently can save from costly renovations. In fact, many warranties mandate roofs undergo regular quality checks for such reasons.

But there are also times that warrant a surprise inspection for damage. We highlight two common scenarios below.

Checking for Damage after a Big Storm

Severe wind and hailstorms can inflict damage onto even the newest roofs. Sometimes they blow down trees and powerlines, both of which can cause substantial property damage. After a violent storm, take the following precautions:

  • Check for loose, torn, bent or missing shingles;
  • Make sure all flashing is still attached and intact;
  • Watch for sagging as this might imply a structural issue;
  • Scan for holes and cracks and signs of water damage;
  • Look for other indications of weathering like scratching and fading.

Buying and Selling a Home

Before selling your home, hire a professional to inspect the roof. If in need of renovations, it can significantly decrease the value of your home. Likewise, when purchasing a new or old property, always check the quality of the existing roof. If also in need of fixing, then you must budget for the renovation or negotiate it into the selling price.