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October 8, 2019


Roof Repairs


Why Fall Is The Best Time For Roof Repairs

As a roofing company in Oshawa that’s been around for over three decades and have taken on many challenging projects, we’ve become experts in all things roofing. One of the things we’ve determined is the best time of the year to preform roof repair work: the season of Fall. Here’s why we think it is best to repair your roof in the Fall:

Energy Efficiency
Getting the roof work that you need done before the cold weather starts to set in is the best way to keep your energy bill from getting too high and to keep your wallet happy. Any kind of roofing issue, be it a leak or damaged shingles, can cause drafts and air escaping from within your home. This in turn forces your HVAC system to work harder in order to regulate temperature throughout your home.

Perfect Weather Conditions
Fall is the perfect time of year because there is no dangerous ice to potentially slip on and no exhausting sun to work under. Roofers, as well as other tradesmen, tend to work best (and safely) in the cool, breezy, and beautiful weather that comes with the season of Fall.

Perfect Material Conditions
Because, as previously stated, the temperature in Fall is neither too hot nor too cold, roofing materials are also at the perfect condition for handling. When shingles are too hot, they tend to be difficult to handle and to be set into place. On the other hand, if shingles are too cold, they can freeze altogether and become entirely unusable, causing additional materials costs to your roof repair project.

Be sure you get your home’s roof repaired before the cold weather sets in. It is important to ensure that your roof is up to standard so that you have an energy efficient and safe home for the inclement weather ahead.

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