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December 16, 2020


Roofing Insulation


Why Fiberglass Insulation Is Right For Your Home

Debating insulation materials for your home? Fiberglass may just be the best option for you. Our team at Turnbull Roofing, quality roofers in Oshawa, can attest to the advantages of fiberglass insulation for your home. Here is why we think fiberglass is the best material to use:


Fiberglass insulation is the most budget-friendly and cheapest option for most homeowners. With fiberglass, you get all the perks of every other type of insulation for the least amount of money.

Easy to Install

The easier it is to install a material, the less time a professional roofer team will take to do so. This means cutting the cost even more!

Less Flammable

Fiberglass is made out of recycled glass and sand, meaning it does not catch fire very easily. Under direct flame, fiberglass will melt instead of burn, therefore protecting your home.

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Noise

Fiberglass isn’t just useful for insulating heat–it is also great for insulating noise. While this material slows the spread of heat and cold throughout your home, it will do the same with noise, reducing the amount of outside noise getting into your home.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Talk to your professional roofers about getting a type of fiberglass that is mold and mildew resistant. This type of fiberglass (recommended for all homes) will prevent unpleasant growths of mold or mildew that will be costly to repair.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s air quality is important as it directly affects your health and comfort level while inside the home. Help to protect your family by installing fiberglass, which improves your indoor air quality by reducing mold and mildew growth.


Because this material is made out of recyclable and renewable resources (sand and glass), it is the perfect eco-friendly choice for your home. If you go with fiberglass, you won’t have to worry about growing your carbon footprint when it comes to your home materials.

Are you finally ready to install fiberglass insulation? Great! Call Turnbull Roofing today to book an appointment with our expert attic insulation team: (905) 579-7663