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September 4, 2019


Roof Repairs


Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Roof Repair

The attitude towards DIY (Do It Yourself) projects has been getting stronger and more determined with every year. Now more than ever, people are ready and willing to do things, fix things, or make things themselves than simply getting professional help or purchasing a new thing altogether. Although this can be a great way to cut costs (and help out the environment) for some projects and home improvements, when it comes to roofing, we say leave the DIYs to the Pinterest Boards and Facebook groups. Here’s why:

It’s Hard
We at Turnbull Roofing have been around long enough to know that roofing jobs are long and hard jobs. We may make it look easy to balance ourselves on a roof, use power tools, and do manual labour, but it’s actually pretty difficult.

Roofing requires expertise and skill that only professional roofers and tradesmen possess. In addition to this, professional roofers will take away the time consuming and stressful decision-making involved in choosing materials and outlining costs.

It’s Dangerous
DIY roofing projects can get you seriously injured or worse if you don’t do it correctly. In addition to that, if you preform the work incorrectly, you can actually do more damage to your roof and home instead of improving it. Leave the professional installations to the professionals and keep yourself safe.

It Can Impact Resale Value
If you decide to DIY your roof project, there is a risk that you can do something incorrectly. Whatever your particular roofing project may be, it must be done correctly to ensure functionality and appealing appearance. Doing it yourself risks both of these things being not up to par with professional standards. This in turn affects the resale value of your home and your own satisfaction with the look and function of your roof.

Like we said: it’s best to leave the DIY projects to the Pinterest boards and Facebook groups. If you need roofing services, put down your toolbelt and pick up your phone to call the best roofing company in Oshawa—Turnbull Roofing.

If you need professional roofing services or a roof inspection in Oshawa, call Turnbull Roofing, your local Oshawa Roofing Company, today at 905.686.7663.