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September 7, 2021


Roof Maintenance


Your Roof Maintenance Checklist

So you got your new roof…now what are the next steps? Having your new roof can bring you a sense of relief, as you don’t have to think about the problems your roof faced any longer. While you may believe that you don’t have to think much after your purchase, in order to make sure your roof stays in tiptop shape, it’s best to schedule routine maintenance check-ups to make sure everything is running smoothly with your new roof.

Being aware of maintaining your roof can help avoid potential costly repairs in the future and also helps keep your roof in the best shape at all times. Follow the checklist below to ensure that you’re inspecting your roof in all the right areas.

Take a look at your attic

Be sure to visit your attic, walk around and inspect to see if there is any daylight leaking in. If you happen to notice signs of lighting coming in, it may be time for your roof to get repaired.

Inspect for any indication of sagging on your roof

Often the lowest parts of your roof can experience sagging, moisture that’s been trapped, or rotting. Be sure to check out your roof, especially the lower areas, as it is better to catch these issues before they become a bigger issue.

Assess for moss

Similar to inspecting for rotting areas, it is important to examine your roof to locate if any areas are growing moss. It is extremely important to contact a trusted roofing service near you if you happen to notice any moss on your roof. Moss can easily ruin your entire roof if there is excess moisture within your roof.

Check your gutters

Shingles often carry a granular coating, which protects them and helps keep the shingles’ integrity. Inspect your gutters and see if there are any granules that have fallen into them. This can indicate that your shingles are worn out and may need replacing.

Check for damaged shingles

From a safe area, you can use binoculars to inspect your roof from a distance. Check for missing, cracked, curling or distorted shingles. If you notice any of the aforementioned, contact your roofing service provider for an assessment of your roof.

If you notice that your roof has been experiencing one or more of these issues, it is imperative that you contact your roofing service provider to inspect your roof. Turnbull Roofing are your roofing experts, proudly serving the Durham and surrounding regions. Call (905) 579-7663 for your maintenance appointment today.