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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Roof Repair


The attitude towards DIY (Do It Yourself) projects has been getting stronger and more determined with every year. Now more than ever, people are ready and willing to do things, fix things, or make things themselves than simply getting professional help or purchasing a new thing altogether. Although this can… Read More

How To Choose The Right Roofing Contractor


Roof replacement is one of the most important jobs that homeowners can undertake. Unfortunately for most homeowners, this job requires finding a roofing contractor worthy of doing that work. This can be difficult to do as finding the perfect contractor is a delicate balance of staying within budgetary restrictions… Read More

Turnbull Roofing – Quality Control Systems


Quality control systems at Turnbull Roofing are of the utmost importance. In order to provide a consistent, high-level of workmanship each project undergoes multiple inspections by various trained staff. Crew Managers, Foremen, and Estimators all play a vital role in Turnbull’s quality control process. This process has been… Read More

Why Fall Is The Best Time For Roof Repairs


As a roofing company in Oshawa that’s been around for over three decades and have taken on many challenging projects, we’ve become experts in all things roofing. One of the things we’ve determined is the best time of the year to preform roof repair work: the season of Fall. Here’s… Read More

Roof Inspection After A Windstorm


Roofs are the home’s ultimate form of protection, which is why it is important to care for it regularly. Although they are built to be strong and sturdy, elements and outside forces can still cause harm to your roof. Windstorms, whether they are mild or harsh, are usually a culprit of… Read More

Benefits of Attic Insulation


Your attic is a useful, but often overlooked part of your home. It is great for storing unwanted stuff and is the ultimate hiding spot, but did you know that it also plays an important role in the protection and comfort of your home? It’s true! Homeowners are advised to… Read More

How To Prevent Roof Condensation


The season of condensation, due to changes in the weather, is upon us. Although some people may love the colder weather paired with the bright sunshine, this can be damaging to your roof. It’s important to prevent condensation in your roof while the seasons are changing. When too much condensation… Read More

Preparing Your Attic For The Winter


When you know winter is round the corner, it’s time to look at your attic insulation. This is done to not only prevent your home from the cold temperature but to make it energy-efficient too. This greatly helps in reducing your utility bills. Here are a few tips to prepare… Read More

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