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How Temperature Change Affects Your Roof


Although your roof is made to be extremely durable, both in architecture and material, there are some things that can have very dangerous effects on your roof. Unfortunately, harsh/ extreme weather that Ontario faces such as our hot summers and freezing winters can both do great damage to your roof. Read More

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Roof Repairs


An aging roof may seem like the least of your concerns, but as professionals in the roofing business, we can tell you with certainty that an aging roof is not to be taken for granted. Ignoring or forgetting to upkeep this important part of your household–one of the elements that… Read More

The Best Summer Roof Maintenance Tips


Summer is just around the corner, which means it is time to spruce up your roof. After the rainy and chilly season of winter and spring, now is one of the best times to check your roof for damages and do some necessary seasonal maintenance. Here are the best summer… Read More

4 Common Causes Of Roof Leaks


Roof leaks are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Constantly having to band-aid repair a stubborn leak means investing more time and money than you would probably like to. To avoid having to address annoying issues in your roof (such as a roof leak), here are the 4 most common causes of… Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Soffit And Fascia


Roofs are made up of a lot of different parts and unless you’re a professional roofer, handy person, or experienced homeowner, you may not know what those parts are or why they are important. Soffit and fascia are parts of the roof that often go unnoticed despite their importance. Here’s… Read More

Why Summer Is A Great Time For Roof Work


As professional roofers in Durham, we know that one of the best seasons for roofing is Summer. Although our professional team at Turnbull Roofing works throughout the year on any roofing requirement, we always recommend that our clients get their roof work done throughout the summer months. Here are… Read More

5 Benefits of Vinyl Siding


Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for exterior cladding in Canada. That’s because it is as durable as it is beautiful and it comes with a ton of great benefits for homeowners that are looking to give their exterior a bit of a boost. Here are some… Read More

Why You Need Quality Eavestrough For Your Home


Canadian weather is known to be a bit unpredictable. Even in the warmest summer months provinces across Canada, especially Ontario, can be assaulted by wet weather. It’s important for your home to be prepared for this type of weather so that you avoid possible damage to the walls and roof… Read More

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