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How To Prepare Your Roof For An Ontario Winter


The temperatures have taken a dip and winter is officially well on its way to Ontario! Many are busy getting in the holiday spirit by prepping those gift lists, decorating their homes and indulging in some festive treats! While the holiday spirit is always a cheery one to be in,… Read More

How To Add Value To Your Home Through Exterior Renovations


If the time has come for an exterior home makeover, there are many ways you can improve your home in order to add value to your long-term investment. Renovating your home exterior can improve the appearance of your home, making your home more attractive and increasing its value. Below we’ve… Read More

4 Reasons Why Your Roof Needs Snow Guards For The Winter


Winter is coming, and you know what that means? Snow! As you are getting your cars, clothes, and house ready for winter, you may also need to check if your roof is winter-ready. One way to make sure your house is winter-ready is by checking if your roof has snow… Read More

Installing Skylights In Your Home: Everything You Need To Know


Skylights are becoming a popular trend within homes. They add a touch of serenity to your home or office, infinitely brightening the room. It can be quite overwhelming to pick from a wide variety of choices and as well as understanding how to install them. Turnbull Roofing is here to… Read More

Taking Care Of Your Icy Roof In The Winter


As the cold season continues, there will be many snow-filled festivities that will come our way. However, we must not forget the hassle of snow blockages in our yards, driveways and our roofs. Just a few hours of snow can accumulate immensely on our roofs, causing a number of problems. Read More

5 Tips To Get Your Roof Winter Ready


Winter is here! While you might be getting your winter clothes ready or putting snow tires on your car, you also need to make sure your roof is ready for the winter. If you have doubts about whether your roof is winter ready or not, look no further. Here are… Read More

Roofing Problems That You May Face After Winter


Winter has been hitting harder than expected this year. With the amount of snow coming in, there is a higher risk of experiencing roofing problems. While the majority of roofs are built to withstand snow, any problems that your roof may already have can get worse during this period. As… Read More

5 Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Roof


After a long, cold and snowy winter, your roof is likely in need of some care this upcoming spring. Harsh conditions all throughout the winter leave your roof working hard to bear the elements for weeks on end. A spring inspection is the perfect time to get your roof in… Read More

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